April 2009
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Our budding Picasso

This week during our “special stay-home day”  Ben wanted to paint with his new watercolors.  He is not really much of an artist, unless it can be on a big canvas (like the patio) and it involves painting, rather than coloring.
I thought perhaps the world would appreciate a peek inside his brain.  According to him [...]

Gray morning

This morning is damp and windy here - a bit of a disappointment after such springy weather the past few days.  Now I am glad that I took this picture of the boys last weekend when the sun was shining and everything was getting green.  Not too much hope for spring on such a gray [...]

Dueling Raspberries

I am trying out a new aspect of the blog - posting these videos of Alex practicing his raspberries, with a little “help” from Ben.  I apologize if the second one is kind of big - it is too cute not to include.
raspberry 1
raspberry 2

Really, really hot ….

So here is a post for the science geeks out there.
Below is a picture of a thermite reaction, which produces heat equivalent that on the surface of the sun.  If you say, happen to work in the Chemistry department of a small liberal arts university, occasionally you find yourself in the parking lot on new [...]

The Easter Bunny is better than Santa Claus

Ben is starting to get to the age where he is making some “cause and effect” connections.  His latest came on Easter morning, when the Easter Bunny brought him a basket with new Legos and some candy - and he didn’t even have to be a good boy.
Santa Claus may have cornered the market on [...]

Opening Day 2009

Sunny Alex 3


Follow-up to yesterday’s post:  today, it’s snowing.  What the #@&%?!