July 2009
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The difference a year makes

Today is Alex’s first birthday.
To this day, I still say a little prayer of thanks to his guardian angel, and the amazing nurses in the NICU, both of who watched over him that first week of his life.  It is hard to remember what a tiny and frail baby he was, especially compared to the [...]

Cousins are fun!

We have had lots of fun with cousins that past couple of weeks, and here are some pictures to prove it!
Having snacks at Granma Judy’s house…

Eating popsicles on hot summer days …

Overcoming the fear of getting our faces wet in the swimming pool…

Commiserating with another who is too little to keep up with the big [...]

Catherine Creek

More pictures from our 4th of July.  These are taken on the North Fork of Catherine Creek.
I have searched many rivers in several states, and haven’t found one better than this.  I have forced my long-suffering husband through many a midwestern county in search of a creek to satisfy my need for swiftly moving waters [...]

Trikes and wagons

We spent the 4th of July weekend in Union, playing at the farm with cousin Henry.  Ben is finally tall enough to ride the big tricycle, and put himself to good use entertaining the little boys.
After a couple of trips through the courtyard they were ready for the open road!

Alex Attack!

Alex is now the oldest baby in the nursery, and everyday we get comments about how his day was, how long he napped, number of poopie diapers, so on and so forth…
Lately we have been getting updates like  “Alex must have an older brother because his doesn’t need much personal space” or “Alex loves to [...]