January 2010
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Alex on the carousel

Alex’s first ride on the carousel was around New Years Day.  He may or may not have enjoyed it.  You can decide from the photographic evidence…

Kind of hard to say, isn’t it?
Also - thanks to Grandpop and Granma Erica for remembering their camera!

The new bed

Today, a couple of pictures of Ben’s new bed.  He has now spent 4 nights in it.  Most nights he has woken up enough to get down the ladder and into the bathroom with no troubles.  So far his problems come getting back in and under the covers.  He has been a little popsicle on [...]

Dad in the news

If you have ever wanted to know why someone would spend $181,000 on a “circular dichroism spectrometer”, check out this link:

Happy Birthday Ben

Happy 5th Birthday to Ben!
What is it about the Y-chromosome and 4-wheel-drive?
Blowing out the candles on his strawberry cake with green frosting, extra sprinkles and 8 candles.  Dad tried to explain that the number of candles should equal the number of birthdays.  But in the end, we decided this point was not a battle worth [...]

Getting ready for baby, part 1

Now that 2010 has arrived, it is time to quit avoiding the fact that we will soon have 3 kids in our house.  Towards that end, we have convinced Ben of how fun it would be to share a room with Alex.
Fortunately, we don’t  have to do much convincing of Alex, since Ben has all [...]

Alex’s first haircut

In all of the holiday confusion and webpage difficulties, I am just now getting around to posting the pictures of Alex’s first haircut, which happened over Thanksgiving break.  Thanks to Granma Judy’s quick work with the scissors, there was no trauma and no tears from Alex.  But I do have to confess that I shed [...]