November 2010
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We are thankful for…

New faces

Cousins with Legos

Strong horses

Four seasons?
I don’t know, the jury is still out on that “blessing.”

Not pictured, but just as noteworthy:

A potty trained two year-old
A baby who slept on the car drive home
A car with 4-wheel drive
Modern snow clothing
A gas furnace, running when we walked in the door
A neighbor with a snow blower
My own bed [...]

Bathtime - raincoats required

Lily has learned the sheer joy of splashing in the bath, dousing anyone and anything in a 5 foot radius, and she is soooo proud of herself…..

This time in motion with by Alex. If you listen close you can hear him say “Lily splash, Lily wet”.

And again, just because it’s too cute.

Super Nanny (aka Grandpop)

Many thanks to Grandpop, who provided much needed childcare, dishwasher unloading, general stability and an adult presence in our house for a couple of days last week.  Somehow the stars aligned and everything was scheduled on the same day, with absolutely no child care - no public schools and no daycare.  Yikes!!  It was a [...]

Alex and the Big Boy Bed

After a week or so of Alex climbing out of his crib, and then back in, and then back out, and then back in, and then…. you get the picture, we decided it was time to get out the toddler bed.  Learning from Ben that change is all in the presentation, we went and got [...]

Random thoughts - November edition

A few random pictures…
These pictures really have no theme, but together make up the blur that has been our lives in recent weeks.
Lily clambering over anything stationary.
Up the stairs -
Into the dishwasher -
In her new shoes -

Popcorn balls for 25 over-sugared Kindergartners.  And my special helper, who found touching the popcorn balls a little too [...]

Do you know this doggy?

This poor doggy is a victim of too many cousins in the same space - swapping animals, shoes and pjs.  He was delivered to our house by mistake, and should be reunited with his rightful owner.  Speak now, otherwise he will undoubtedly be sucked up into the vortex of animals that is the boy’s room, [...]


This Halloween we tried something new - a neighborhood Halloween party on Friday night at our local hardware store.  It was OK - a little claustrophobic for trying to keep track of 3 kids.  But lots of fun carnival-ish games and Alex’s first encounter with a bouncy castle.
Here is all three of them in costume [...]