February 2011
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Snow day

Yes, much to my irritation the city of Spokane was essentially closed down last Thursday due to a “Level 2 Snow Emergency”.  How can a city of this size ever even reach a Level 1, let alone go beyond that to closing down schools, universities, public bus routes, etc, etc, etc?
You name it, it was [...]

Is it spring yet?

Another weekend of cabin fever at the Watson household.  We are getting pretty desperate to be outside, as you can see from all the red noses in these pictures.  I even did a little flower-bed clean up and found life underneath the debris.  Spring will come again!
But now this week … the weatherpeople are forecasting [...]

Ben’s Valentine

Ben came home with a new song last week, and I convinced him to sing it for the camera this morning.  Could anyone hope for a better valentine than this?

Here are the words:
I love you little,
I love you lots,
My love for you would fill ten pots,
Fifteen buckets, sixteen pans, three teacups and four dishpans.

My new hero

Alexander Fleming
After spending the better part of this week in bed, I have a newly discovered respect for this man.  Surely I have previously learned why antibiotics are such an amazing discovery, but I have never before had three “high-energy” children, a husband who works 60 hours per week and strep throat at the same [...]