March 2011
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Not quite popsicle season

We have had some springtime sun the past few afternoons, and the boys have taken advantage of it by playing outside.  Of course, their mother hasn’t really given them much of a choice.  It has been a long winter, and I am ready for the super puppy training camps, the fighter jets, the ninja swordfighting, [...]

Cousin Claire

Welcome to the world cousin Claire!
We can hardly wait to meet you!

6 kids + 4 parents =

Six or seven pots of coffee?
Three or four toy explosions?
Two birthday candles?
One shell-shocked dog?
Yes, all of the above, and more….
However, we were a little surprised at the relative lack of craziness in our visit from the Hoelter cousins.  For the most part, everyone got along, slept through the night, and shared food/toys/books without too many [...]

Birthday girl

Lily’s been one year-old for a week now and it seems to suit her well.  Although I usually trip up when people ask me how old my kids are.  I still answer 5, 2, and a baby.
Her birthday was a quiet family affair, with a couple of special guests - thanks for your visit Auntie [...]

One is fun

Happy birthday Lily !!!
Our little sister has been changing so much lately.  She is becoming a voting member of the family, and does not let you forget it.  She quacks at her stuffed duck.  She vrooms her brother’s cars.  She rips off her socks.  She still splashes in the tub like a category 3 hurricane.  [...]

Who are these children?

Now that Ben is reading more and more every day, Alex and Lily have also started wanting to “read” their own books.  Of course this is great, however, it makes my mommy radar go on high alert when things are a bit too quiet upstairs….
You can imagine my surprise when this is what I found.
Of [...]